Truth Beyond Scientology Hysteria with Tony Ortega

Former Village Voice Editor, and authority on all things Scientology, Tony Ortega, joins Media Mayhem to separate the rumors from the researched facts on the group. Tony gives the real story behind the organizations in-fighting, process of blacklisting, and the veil of silence that extends to all members of the Church. He also clues outsiders in on the reasons that Church members are unhappy with their leadership, and why it is the ideal religion for megalomaniacs. GUEST BIO: Tony Ortega is a former editor of The Village Voice who is working on a book on Scientology and blogs at He lives in New York. ADD’L LINKS: EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 00:01 Coming Up on Media Mayhem. 00:56 Welcoming Tony Ortega to the show. 02:45 Thoughts on the book, Going Clear by Lawrence Wright. 04:57 The press is opening up to writing about Scientology again. 09:49 Tommy Davis, defecting top brass, and the faded front of the Church. 12:40 Talking to Scientologists-at their own hazard. 15:03 The reason Scientology is in trouble with their own members. 20:30 Are celebrities aware of what goes on at the lower levels? 24:28 The relationship between Tom Cruise and David Miscavige. 29:02 The Holmes/Cruise divorce. 33:09 The rap from disgruntled Church members. 38:01 Appreciating the journalism of others. 41:52 The many people that come forward and talk, and the many more that do not. 44:07 Why are actors particularly susceptible to Scientology? 47:04 Thanks and Goodbye!
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