What is a good TV/DVD streaming service in Canada?

Question by po: What is a good TV/DVD streaming service in Canada?
I am looking for a service similar to netflix on demand where you can watch unlimited tv shows for a monthly premium, but for Canada. Does such a thing exist or are we still crippled with the licensing laws?

I don’t want a pay/episode service (like itunes) because the cost would be too great. I am totally sick of torrents, rapidshare, megavideo and whatnot. I don’t want a usenet account because I don’t want to deal with searching and downloading.

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Answer by Mov
-Nero is the first choice-

Step 1: Choose a format (to create DVD) from the drop down list, then click Next to continue.

Step 2: Click Browse Button to select the file you want to import from your hard driver.

Step 3: Choose the Video settings.

Step 4: Choose your burning device.

Step 5: Click “start” and wait for your dvd.

it’s easy. try it .com

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