jim starrs – tank chair. sand, sea and snow. UNLEASH LIFE’S LIMITATIONS

JIM STARRS TANKCHAIR, from http//:www.tankchair.net SOME GREAT NEWS, the DVLA & DFT have offered to register the tankchair as a mobility vehicle. WE ARE NOW LOOKING FOR A SPONCOR to cover the cost of insurance and in return we offer advertisements to be added to the chair 🙂 please message us if you are interested in advertising on the tankchair. Jim Starr has found out that the tankchairs use in the UK is illegal as its only 26 cm’s to wide and 100 kgs over the maximum weight allowed for a invalid carriage. you have probably read about this in the press or on the TV. this is crazy as a lot agree. we are fighting to get these laws changed so Jim can use his tank chair legally. due to medical conditions Jim’s licence has been revolked and he cant take the test needed to be able to use it, even though he would be willing to take a driving test on it! people with disabilities have there licences revolked because of medical conditions, this in turn now means they are not even allowed to use specialist wheelchairs like this one. all Jim wants to do is spend time on the beach with his two children and go on outings to the woods etc. this cannot be done now as the laws as hey stand, mean it cant even be used on farms etc. also on bridal ways its use is also illegal. its illegal to use this modified wheelchair anywhere that the general public have access too! when your disabled in the UK, you are not allowed to even have a life according to the DVLA and police. even the local MP
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