What do you think of using PR Web to give exposure to a new online baby boutique?

Question by stellabellababy: What do you think of using PR Web to give exposure to a new online baby boutique?
I have been told that Network Solutions and some PR agents use PR web as a way to introduce/advertise new online businesses. I have a baby boutique, and I was wondering if this would be an effective way to increase my Search Engine ranking and draw more attention to my site. I do not have alot of money to spend on advertising, and I am told that you get alot of “bang for your buck”. They offer 3 different packages, one for $ 80, which is basic, one for $ 120, which gets you more, but I am not sure if it is worth it, and then finally one for $ 200, that is supposed to be the ultimate. You can also pay an extra $ 10 to have your press release moved to the top of the page when it is published, so people see yours first. What do you think? I am looking for ways to get more exposure to my site? Supposedly PR Web is the best there is?

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Answer by phoete
PR Web is ok. but i don’t think that it suites your business. You can do it by yourself, start sending personal e-mails to people. Use the chatroom. Make a “Noise” about your business. the roll of the word of mouth is far better than advertising.

Then, maybe you can go on PUBLICATION INSERTS, it is cheaper. Or instead, insert your flyers and/or leaflets on the credit card bills of your target market (target customers), say the young professional mothers about 25-35 years of age.

The PRESS RELEASE is the best way to promote your boutique, just make sure that you are sending a NEWSWORTHY release so that the media will be interested on your story.

hope it will help you. i am an advertising and public relations student here in the philippines

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