Email Marketing 2010 – Crawling 1500000 Emails from NewsGroups using free NNTP Server Email Marketing 2010 Guide. Crawling 1,5 Million Emails from Newsgroups using free NNTP Server. Step-by-Step instructions included! (Atomic Newsgroup Explorer by AtomPark Software)

Using & Managing UUCP (Nutshell Handbooks)

Using & Managing UUCP (Nutshell Handbooks)

Using & Managing UUCP describes, in one volume, this popular communications and file transfer program. While most major sites have switched from UUCP to the Internet Protocols, UUCP remains attractive to computer users with limited resources, a small machine, and a dial-up connection. Linux users admire the efficiency of UUCP. In fact, Taylor UUCP, which is described in this book, ships with the major Linux distributions. In addition to Taylor UUCP, this book covers the latest versions of HoneyDanBer UUCP, sometimes called Basic Network Utilities, or BNU. It also describes the specific implementation details of UUCP versions shipped by major UNIX vendors. This book combines material about UUCP formerly contained in Using UUCP and Usenet and Managing UUCP and Usenet, now updated and expanded to cover Taylor UUCP , the UUCP shipped with Linux.

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Is there a way to download new headers in all newsgroups at the same time using Windows Mail?

Question by oklasoonerpoet: Is there a way to download new headers in all newsgroups at the same time using Windows Mail?
I used to be able to do this in Outlook Express and I believe the function was synchronize. Any help is much appreciated. Do not suggest I use a different newsreader as I am not looking at UseNet newsgroups but private newsgroups.

Best answer:

Answer by Beck92
Display all Header Lines in Outlook Express
To view all headers of an email in Outlook Express:

Highlight the message in the Outlook Express message list.
Click on the message with the right mouse button.
Select Properties from the context menu.
Switch to the Details tab.
To copy the headers, right-click anywhere in the text area that contains the header lines and choose Select All from the menu that comes up. Now right-click again and select Copy.

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Using UUCP and Usenet (Nutshell Handbooks)

Using UUCP and Usenet (Nutshell Handbooks)

Using UUCP and Usenet shows how to communicate with both UNIX and non-UNIX systems, using UUCP and cu or tip. It also shows how to read news, post your own articles, and mail to other Usenet members. This handbook assumes that UUCP and Usenet links to other computer systems have already been established by your system administrator. Clear enough for a novice, this book is packed with information that even experienced users will find indispensable. Take the mystery out of questions such as why files sent via UUCP don’t always end up where you want them, how to find out the status of your file transfer requests, and how to execute programs remotely with uux.

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