Back To The Very Beginning

I had not had a moving-picture camera pointed at me in something like 23 years since I took a couple of film school courses back in college, and we shot in Super8 and 160 Ektachrome… I was very nervous and didn’t know what kind of a trip I was embarking on, but I felt I had a voice just like all the other regular people out there, not professional actors, on YouTube… So I bought a digital camera that the salesman assured me would shoot videos, and besides, Cindy was making noises about getting a digital camera for taking vacation pictures as we were booked for Cancun in just a few short months. I loved taking pictures with my old SLR, but if this thing could take vacation pictures AND shoot videos, it was a clear case of two birds dying by the flinging of just one stone. I was just aching to make videos like Geriatric1927, Zipster08, Phaedress, Tushygalore, and all the other regular people who made the videos that I’d seen on here. The idea totally fascinated me that I, too, would be watched. Then I could give back to YouTube some of the hours of entertainment that I had already received! So I carefully composed my shot, and sat in front of the camera, and feeling nervous as well as like a total goof, I started talking about my experiences with (what else?) computers! I shot the thing and tried to upload it. I got the rude message that my video was too long (But it was ONLY about four minutes! I saw YouTube videos a lot LONGER than that many times.) The very next day
Video Rating: 4 / 5