Best UFO and ET Video Evidence – Jaime Maussan LIVE

Mexico Television Journalist Jaime Maussan rose to prominence as the General Director and Anchorman of Latin America’s television version of the news show “60 Minutes.” Jaime became the center of attention during the 1991 solar eclipse when he and his news program became the primary investigators of the greatest mass UFO sighting in human history […]

Best Free Online FPS: Cross Fire – Game Play Video 3

Create Your Account and Download NOW for FREE: Cross Fire is an award-winning military-themed FREE online game for PCs, and a leading title in the “first person shooter” (FPS) genre. Participants assume the roles of online characters that interact with other players while engaging in battle and other activities through multiple levels. Featuring persistent […]

Sales Training Video – Pre-Closing Advertising Sales Training Video – Pre-Closing Advertising Pre-close advertising is an essential skill for all effective sales people and you need to be doing this. Sales Training Video by Tactical Sales Training In our sales training courses we highlight the value in what we call ‘pre-close advertising’ This is where we communicate that intention to […]