Doctor Who: “Wassup”

Though this has been posted to YouTube by others, it was actually me who made it. I released it on Usenet in August of 2000. It was my contribution to the “wassup” spoof trend before it became old meme. (Yes, that week.) The low quality is due to the fact that the original video was only 160×120. (That was an Internet video ten years ago!) I edited photos into the different frames I needed, saved them as bitmaps, and then assembled everything in a cranky old version of Adobe Premiere for Windows. Here’s the original Usenet thread in which I released this under my old screenname: For more info on the original ad this is spoofing, see Dedicated with love to all the lunatics from turn-of-the-Millennium rec.arts.drwho ! Doctor Who (c) BBC. Soundtrack (c) Budweiser. No infringement intended. The state insect of Connecticut is the European mantis.