Audi CMO: What US Automakers Are Doing Wrong

NEW YORK ( — German luxury brand Audi is a refreshing change from what most of the news in the auto business has been about lately. The Volkswagen subsidiary has pumped up its US advertising budget by 20%, increased its market share and been surprisingly successful in marketing “clean diesel” models against competitors’ hybrids. In this eight-minute video, Audi America CMO Scott Keogh recaps the company’s strategies at the same time he wags his finger at what he portrays as the hopelessly bland marketing of US domestic automakers.
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Google and Yahoo results giving wrong websites!?

Question by Jeff B: Google and Yahoo results giving wrong websites!?
When I search for anything in google or yahoo, they give me the wrong results, for example when I search for “google” it gives me the right description of the website
Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages.

but the address they give below the description is:
“ – 7k – Cached – Similar pages”

I’ve tried Ad-Aware and came up with nothing and also my Symantec AntiVirus with no luck. I’ve also tried turning off cookies from 3rd-parties and clearing all browser history and still no luck. If anyone can help it would be very appreciated.
It’s not just google though, it affects yahoo also, and every description for every result is right but all of the results lead to and unrelated website

Best answer:

Answer by Pavel Y
It has to do nothing with your PC.
It’s a problem in Google’s search algorithms which, hopefully, they’ll solve it soon.

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Whats wrong with usenet nowadays? Why does my symantec antivirus see trojan horses when I download files?

Question by smoothie pro: Whats wrong with usenet nowadays? Why does my symantec antivirus see trojan horses when I download files?
I use for usenet file downloads especially progs and for rars. I use symantec endpoint protection. Is the trojan horse real or AV is making a false alarm?

Best answer:

Answer by julian b
For the most part, it is usually a false alarm. HOWEVER, I would be especially careful when downloading any RAR files or Keygens. Keep track of what you download, and if your system starts acting up, IMMEDIATELY delete the recent “iffy” files you’ve downloaded and run spybot.

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