This is me

This is me
Usenet Software
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*cough* is this thing on? *cough*

Erm, this is me, I work on the web. Well not really, but I do hang out on a lot on the net. In fact it’s become an essential part of my everyday life. When I say "not really", I do use web and browser based technology to solve business problems for my customers, but most of what I do doesn’t end up on the public web.

My background is the *scary echo* enterprise *scary echo*, developing green screen ERP systems — big fat systems that big fat companies use to run their businesses. But in 2006 I decided to ditch it all and started my own business with the intent of solving the same problems, but with simpler software.

I was a pre-web internet junky while at Uni. Spending many a late night chatting to people on the other side of the world using irc, and consuming vast amounts of smut^H^H^H^H information on usenet.

I’ve tinkered with building web pages for a while, hanging on the fringes of the Clan Analogue collective in Sydney and Canberra in the mid-nineties. I put together my first website to promote my music about 10 years ago using Netscape Composer. Five or so years later I started building a web site for a Buddhist study centre using MS Frontpage. It was horrendous, both Frontpage and the resulting site, so I bought Sitepoint’s "Designing Without Tables" and taught myself HTML and CSS. With new skills in hand I rebuilt the website by hand.

Right now, Ruby on Rails is floating my boat, and I love hanging with the Sydney rails crew. There’s something about spending time with a bunch of passionate people that are smarter than me _and_ who are innately likeable that I find immensely rewarding.

So, yeah, this is me, I work on the web.