Usenet downloading help

Question by Brenda: Usenet downloading help
Hey Hey.

OK Basically i have this software called Newsbin pro, and it lets me download as fast as my ISP provides [600KBPS] but i need to know how i configure it to use my isp rather then a usenet server.

How do i make it use my ISP?

Thanks Bye 🙂

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Answer by Dr.Mr.Ed
It should actually connect to your ISP’s usenet server. This is typically a server name like “” or something similar. Unfortunately, many ISPs don’t host their own servers anymore, or if they do it’s a very limited set of groups. Many outsource to giganews or similar, but through a proxy and again the name would be something like the above.

Be careful, though, as some people like comcast, if you connect directly to their news server, have a very low limit (like 2 GB/month) which won’t even get you a DVD movie.

In newsbin pro, setup is easy – just run the ‘first time wizard’ or configure the options manually. This is the program I use and am very happy with it. See here for more:

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