Usenet Newsgroup downloads HELP?

Question by Sammy: Usenet Newsgroup downloads HELP?
Ok, i downloaded an XBOX 360 game from usenet. When it was done downloading im missing some files. I used QuickPAR to fix them, but it couldnt get the missing files. How can i recover those missing files without redownloading the whole thing? Its only like 6 files and I guess i didnt get the PAR files for them either.

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Answer by etheesdad™
sometimes newsgroups don’t have all the parts. check the headers and count them to make sure they are all present. if any headers are missing or do not have the encoded parts included, you won’t be able to assemble the file.

you need to make sure all the parts are there _before_ you download!

There are binary applications available that do all this work for you. smbaker has put out some good ones and has been building them for many years…

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