What do you think of my YouTube channel start?

Question by Lol Pipollol: What do you think of my YouTube channel start?
On March 11th I started a youtube channel about video game and technology critics, reviews and news. It’s been 1 month and 1 week and I have 220 subscribers and over 2,500 total views with 15 uploaded videos so far. Do you think the channel has a solid future? Keep in my mind that my target audience are spanish speaking persons so I have a considerably less amount of people to reach. My goal is to have thousands of subscribers some day. Some potential here?

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Answer by Haley
Yup. I have 1 subscriber and twenty something videos. And like 43 views. I’ve had my channel since September….

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10 2013

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  1. Neza #

    Good potential. Hispanics going on YouTube for reviews tec. can be satisfied with you doing it

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