What’s a good free newsreader (usenet client)?

Question by Kyle: What’s a good free newsreader (usenet client)?
I’m new to newsgroups, I signed up with newsrazor just to try things out. I’ve been having difficulty finding a good, free client to search and download files. I really liked Grab-it but it really isn’t free. Any suggestions on what to use and how to use it?

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Answer by It’s That Guy
I used to love Forte Free Agent but they don’t have it anymore. You might find an old copy of that somewhere.

These days I use XNews. It is really more for downloading binaries from binary groups, and it works great for that. But it also works with text groups, not perfect but good enough for free.

I was going to look up URLs for these programs, but if you’re getting into Usenet you will know how to find them with Google. 8^)

Usenet seems to be slowly dying. It’s a service left over from the old days and I think fewer and fewer people are using it because there are so many alternative forums these days. There are still some great binaries on it though.

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