Which usenet service is best?

Question by Freedom: Which usenet service is best?

Maybe not best, but most ideal? http://www.usenet-newsgroup.net/ < I was browsing this websites top ten list. I am almost 100% certain that I would be best getting an unlimited plan. I've been using torrents for a while now, the problem comes into play when I learned about comcast's 250GB data limit. It seems outrageous to be so small for such a fee. Unfortunately it's the only show in town for myself. I have always had a share ration of 1 to 2, but I have been a little too close to this 250GB limit several times, and with the advent of more and more HD content, I'd prefer to download more than I can without the need to seed or share. Any recommended usenet services? Thank you! Best answer:

Answer by doug a
Giganews is a very good service for nntp. I have used this service for a while now with good retention and support.

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