Why doesn’t Fox news advertise itself as the biggest in CABLE news?

Question by Frauloon Bachmann: Why doesn’t Fox news advertise itself as the biggest in CABLE news?
Instead of saying in it’s constant self promotional commercials as the ”biggest name in news’? Would it be more ‘fair and balanced’ to put the word CABLE in there?

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Answer by scotgirl60
Because they have more viewers than any other news show, on cable or regular tv, that’s why.

From a wiki article:

In the third week of January 2010, Fox News was the highest rated basic cable channel in primetime. This marked the first time that a news network led the primetime ratings, beating out entertainment networks such as ABC, NBC, and CBS. [40] Also in January 2010, Public Policy Polling reported that Fox News was the most trusted television news network in the country with 49% of respondents stating they trust Fox News.[41]. Fox also scored the lowest level of distrust with only 37%, and was the only network to score a net positive in that regard, with a +12%. CNN scored second in the poll with 39% of those polled stating that they trusted the network, and 41% stating distrust, a -2% net score. [42]


Facts are facts, even if you libs disagree with them.

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