Why so many categories, so many regions but no traffic bar?

Question by Darius: Why so many categories, so many regions but no traffic bar?

I visited Yahoo Answers India by a chance, coming from Google.
Today I discovered, Yahoo Answers is run regionally.
Regional answers for regional questions.
But it doesn’t make sense to ask general questions as regional ones.

What counts is traffic, number of web visits, number of questions, number of questions answered.

Visiting empty categories, visiting empty regional categories, not visited by anyone, does it make any sense ?

Please have a look how does i work with Google Groups, Usenet groups.
You have categories (global categories) and you can get to know number of subscribers, messags in headlines view.
And what counts the most is statistics .

I have already asked few questions and I am sure today, nobody was interested to give me an answer, as I asked general Yahoo Mail questions in regional forum.

So general should go to general, regional to regional.
There is no need to run regional interfaces to Yahoo Answers
as one general interface is exactly ok
and should follow next is
categories tree, like in Google Groups, Usenet.

Some categories may be specified as regional, some not
but it makes no sense to ask the same general questions at each of regional Answers web forums.

And traffic load bar and statistics are the most important features.

Why should I ask any questions not to be read by anyone in a specified category ?

Please improve Yahoo Answers to smart service.
Usenet groups worked fine for years,
Google Groups worked fine for years,
today number of web forums goes in millions, number of Google Groups goes in millions.

More web forums, groups, categories than users to populate them.

The issue is Yahoo Mail and new settings, flagging inbound traffic as Spam, what actually is not any Spam at all.

Just run self-test and send test e-mail to yourself, to see how it works and what flag gets your self-tested mail.
If spam, as in my case, it mean , there is something wrong with Yahoo Mail as before.

I don’t send spam, keep system clean of viruses, trojans, malware.

IP assigned is dynamic IP assigned by my telecom cell modem operator.
IPs assigned from national operator are rated poor by Senderbase, Ironport, Spamhaus.

What can I do next ?
Already contacted my operator, notified him with a problem
and got standard form reply and no human response in 14 days yet.

Assigning poor rated IP addresses to customers is playing not fair,
any assigned IP should be first checked against mail filtering databases and kept clean, as what I inherit is history of previous users of the same IP as assigned dynamic, temporary to me.

If you know a solution , please let it me know.


Should I ask my lawyer to contact my national telecom operator
and tell its COB what is he doing wrong ?

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Answer by mean cats mama
I tried reading all this, but it’s a lot & its hard to read. It seems very disconnected.

It sounds to me like you have more than 1 issue that needs to be resolved. And perhaps you’re not asking your question(s) in the most specific category.

It also sounds as if your issues with Y!A need to be taken up with the people who actually run Y!A, not with the people who are answering on Y!A.

As for your mail issue, you need to ask that in the Home > Yahoo! Products > Yahoo! Mail category (and even from there you could go into > Problems with Service or > Spam & Bulk Mail), not the Home > Yahoo! Products > Yahoo! Answers category.

Good luck!

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