WWV 10 MHz shortwave: Hola hola hooollaaa!

If you’ve ever tuned in the shortave time station WWV on 10.000 MHz and heard people saying “hello” in Spanish (hola, pronounced “ola”) over and over again, you’re not the only one! After observing the phenomenon for many years and recording some airchecks of it, I posted a UseNet thread in 2002, wondering if anyone knew who and where these people are who create this “party of WWV.” Here’s a link to it: groups.google.com The web site I mentioned in that newsgroup was taken down years ago, but I decided to post the audio clips here on YouTube, as maybe the shortwave enthusiasts here can shed some light on this. As you can maybe read in the video, these clips were recorded directly from the headphone jack of my early 1950s vintage Hallicrafters S-38C vacuum tube shortwave radio. Unfortunately the MiniDisc recorder I was using created some static, which you can hear at times.

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