Zimmerman Helped Save a Family in a Crash?

“A Florida man cleared in the death of a black teenager helped rescue a family from an overturned vehicle last week, police say. George Zimmerman, 29, and an…

14 thoughts on “Zimmerman Helped Save a Family in a Crash?

  1. Okay so let me get this straight. Zimmerman doesn’t have the strength to push a 17 year old skinny kid off of him in a fight and is deemed “too weak” by an MMA trainer, however, he magically finds the strength to pull a family of 4 out of a crashed car? From my reading, one kid the other guy couldn’t get out and he became the hulk (speaking hypothetically) and got them out with his un-forseen power. Yeeeeeeah, you go Zimmerman, put him in the next Superman movie.

  2. He probably stalked them causing them to drive off and roll then pulled them out to start a confrontation but didn’t have his gun so thought “better not”.

  3. Judging by your comment, it’s apparent that you’ve done little research on what corroborates with the details of the night & have—INSTEAD—subscribed to the sensationalized assertions made by pop media.

    Unfortunately, forensic data, eyewitness testimony, & a voluntary lie detector test, ALL remain consistent with Zimmerman’s account.

    Don’t get me wrong, when I first heard the story, I ALSO assumed that a ‘scared boy was chased’ (& killed) by a racist. However, the evidence suggests otherwise.

  4. Zimmerman and his brother need to bite the curb and prepare to be stomped by Derek Vinyard.

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