Can’t download to my computer at expected speeds…?

Question by siztastical: Can’t download to my computer at expected speeds…?
I can’t download files to my computer above approximately 800kb/s. Broadbandspeedtest shows a top speed of around 7.7mb/s as does my isp (BE) but if I download on bittorrent or usenet or even just transfer files on my local network (no internet) the speed won’t go much above 800kb/s ­čÖü I’m using wireless G in my devices and they all have full signal. The problem is OS indepedent so i’m thinking its something to do with the router not forwarding SSL traffic correctly?

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Answer by DrDave
You need to understand the speeds you are seeing. Your internet speed is measured in megaBITS per second. Your download speed is measured in kiloBYTES per second. There are 8 bits in a byte. Do the math.

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