How can i use Usenet?

Question by deej103: How can i use Usenet?
I download my files off of torrents and I have heard that usenet is safer. Im not sure how to even start or wheres the best place to go. Some help would be appreciated.

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Answer by Windowphobe
Unless you happen to have one of the few remaining ISPs who offer access to Usenet newsgroups as a freebie, you’re going to have to subscribe to a service; pricing usually depends on the amount of data you pull. (I pay $ 30 a year, but I don’t use that much bandwidth.)

You’ll also need a newsreader. Most of them are free or cheap (up to $ 35). They’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Once connected, you’ll need a list of available groups (about 100,000), which is downloadable from the news server. Some groups are text; some groups are binary. If you’re looking to replace torrents, you’ll probably be more interested in the binary groups.

I have used Forté Agent for the last decade or so. It’s pretty reliable, and they offer their own subscription service on the side at competitive rates.

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