How do I get binary files from usenet groups?

Question by Belen D: How do I get binary files from usenet groups?
I have tried outlook express and mozilla’s thunderbird and I have access to newsgroups, but whenever I try to get a file that has been parted in several entries, I only get a bunch of nonsensical text. I think it has to do with something that is called yENC.
Do you know how to get the files with these applications? Or do I need to get a new one? If so, which one have you tried and is good (and preferably free)?

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Answer by phill281
yes i use binary newsgroups
but most isp newsgroups suck
most is free stuff but u need to pay for a real news service
if u contact me ill give u the rundown.

basicly, the files are broken into lots of text, then reassembled at your end. once setup, its only a matter of search, downlod the files in a batch. unzip and u have wat u want.

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