How do you get usenet binary pictures for free?

Question by Chris Perkins: How do you get usenet binary pictures for free?
And what free software is available for viewing and/or editing the photos?

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Answer by Tweeter & the MonkeyMan
Wow – oldschool

1st : Find a service provider that: — still carries / offers NNTP services, and still includes the alt.binaries.* group(s) you are interested in. There are still a few good NNTP providers, but I don’t know if you will easily find one for free. (more later)

2nd: almost any modern email client has a NNTP/ ( Newsgroup protocol) feature.
A lot like an email server, you ATTACH/ IDENTIFY the provider’s server (or more than one)
provide your username/ password
log into the server to download a list of Newsgroups carried.
Choose to subscribe to certain newsgroups, or manually re-browse each time you connect.
( Try Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, or programs that are pure newsreaders)

3rd: most of those binary pictures will be UUencoded, encoded with some other program, and may be split into several files.
– you need to get every file. More modern uploaders will include a manifest file and a couple of error-correction files, in case there is a small error – it can be dealt with.
– last time I checked UUencode is open-source, and included in many NewsReaders by default.
If you have every file – ( the folks who share will usually name the files 001/004, 002/004, 004/004 etc.)
then your program can UU-decode back to a jpeg or dj (or whatever image format) file.

Newsgroups are just as anonymous as the web (or not).
News providers tend to offer free services as ” just a taste”.
They may give you a short trial period, or only a few downloads.
Also, they tend to misplace or drop messages faster, so your chances of finding all parts of your image decrease.
A simple photo at 100dpi or something similar might be in one message.
A complex scan of a high-quality color photo might take 30-50 messages.

Any operating system (Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS) includes basic image viewer software, and usually editing is freely available, too. ( Linux – Gimp, Windows – paint)

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