How to make a advertising campaign for a book ?

Question by Clint: How to make a advertising campaign for a book ?
I got a assignment to do but i need to know how to make a advertising campaign please HELLP quick i need to hand it in in one week!!

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Answer by brand_guru2002
Dear Clint,

I would like to respond this in two cats:
1 If you are an independent publisher
2 If you are approaching a publisher of repute.

For self publishing, it depend eds, which cat is your title. Trade books, Academic, General book.Fiction and non -fiction etc.
Is this your FIRST book?
I suggest you join an association in your location.( Booksellers/Publishers?/etc)
Start with a MAILER
The promote the same with e-mailing. ( offer a pre publication offer of 10% discount)
Contact all the retailers in your area and request them a poster space. and then a display space.
Join a Book club- request them to Discuss about the book on a week end.
Send few FREE copies to News papers, Magazines who feature NEW book information.
Send mailers to all libraries via mailer.
Have enough budget for a “release” function in a good hall, invite about 500 persons, SELL the book at a discount!
However, if you are offering the book to any publishers they will assit you in promoting the same.
Now a days globally it is all author backed promotion.

All the best!
Ravi Shivram

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