Which usenet service is best?

Question by Freedom: Which usenet service is best?

Maybe not best, but most ideal? http://www.usenet-newsgroup.net/ < I was browsing this websites top ten list. I am almost 100% certain that I would be best getting an unlimited plan. I've been using torrents for a while now, the problem comes into play when I learned about comcast's 250GB data limit. It seems outrageous to be so small for such a fee. Unfortunately it's the only show in town for myself. I have always had a share ration of 1 to 2, but I have been a little too close to this 250GB limit several times, and with the advent of more and more HD content, I'd prefer to download more than I can without the need to seed or share. Any recommended usenet services? Thank you! Best answer:

Answer by doug a
Giganews is a very good service for nntp. I have used this service for a while now with good retention and support.

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What is the best internet unmoderated USENET type program/service?

Question by Young Hee: What is the best internet unmoderated USENET type program/service?
A service that does not require “extra” programs or software and is not censored…

Best answer:

Answer by UncleP
A tall order. You would be as well to subscribe to a paid usenet service provider (search) and use a program like Agent (from forteinc.com) to download newsgroups content. Alternatively if you want easy to use then go for UseNext (from usenext.com) but the groups are limited, it’s good for multimedia stuff tho’.

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What is the best newsgroup/usenet service?

Question by tehmazing: What is the best newsgroup/usenet service?
Giganews looks pretty good and easynews is appealing as well. I want the best “Bang for my buck”
my isp has no retention and just sucks overall, i am on charter so…

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Answer by jibbarjabar
The best “bang for your buck” may very well be your own ISP. Many still provide unlimited (almost) Usenet for free. I know Verizon does.

Good luck.

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Usenet users! What is the best client?

Question by Leonardo D: Usenet users! What is the best client?
What site provides the best subscription to usenet? Like which one has the most articles, highest speed, etc…

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Answer by ScubaSteve
The best client and certainly the easiest to use is BinTube Media Player: http://www.bintube.com/player

The best usenet provider is giganews: highest speed and highest retention which is currently at 240 days. You can get a free trial account here: http://www.bintube.com/content/r.aspx?u=/link.aspx?id=1

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