audiomachine – The New Earth (2011 “Epica” album – Epic Dramatic Trailer Score)

Please Read Description thank you 😀 Subscribe if you like for more Epic / Dramatic / Emotional / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Orchestral Epic Rock Trailer Music, from companies such as Two Steps From Hell, Brand X Music, audiomachine, Immediate Music, Future World Music and many many more 😉 Music For Motion Picture Advertising and Video Game Advertising Trailer Productions – trailers, tv spots, commercials, promos, featurettes, Media Entertainment, News, Previews & tv programs. Earlier today audiomachine posted on their facebook page a track from their “Epica” album composed by Paul Dinletir (Owner and main composer of audiomachine) Track: The New Earth Company: audiomachine Album: Epica Composer: Paul Dinletir (ASCAP) Track No. 07 Genre: Epic Drama Adventure Trailer Score Year: 2011 Copyright: audiomachine Naomiville Music (ASCAP) ~Description~ piano, soft, gentle, peaceful, hopeful, modern beat, subtle, building, family, historical epic, reflective, strings, orchestra, action, adventure, orchestral, choir, choral, majestic, serious, intense, cymbal swells, medieval influences, powerful, sweepin. If you wanna become a fan of audiomachine, then click link below to their facebook page: audiomachine’s site: audiomachine’s “Epica” demo preview sample:- Images used on video, all images belong to its creators/owners i do not own anything, all credits go to them, images: Image .1: “damaris” by DeviantArtist – phoenix-06

ummmm… why does FOX NEWS advertising for “Countdown to Earth Hour”?

Question by The Karate Kid: ummmm… why does FOX NEWS advertising for “Countdown to Earth Hour”?
Does it seem odd to anyone else that the people who say Global Warming is a hoax, are the same people trying to capitalize off of it???




Best answer:

Answer by Pelosi’s Water Boy
MSNBC has to advertise on Fox because they have no one but the lunatic left fringe left for an audience

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