Customizing Easynews Usenet – Part 3 of 4 – Index Settings

In Part 3 of 4 of the Customizing Easynews Usenet, we show you how to setup and configure your Easynews index settings. Easynews indexes are a powerful and efficient way to browse the newsgroups. Check out part 4 of this series to learn how to setup your Easynews Zip Manager. For more information visit

EasyNews – Usenet

I have need a member of Easynews for over 7 years now, and that just shows you how loyal I am to them. With easynews you get roll-over-gigs, which are like roll over minuets. If you do not use them all, they roll over to the next month. They also offer loyalty gigs, which they give you 1 free gig added to every year you stay with them. I pay for the 9.99 plan which gives me 20 gigs, plus 7 loyalty gigs sense I have been with them for over 7 years. All accounts come with SSL to keep you safe. Use this free trial to try easynews today.

Easynews Usenet Basic Search Tutorial

Easynews Basic Search Usenet Tutorial shows how to search, preview and download files using the basic search in Easynews’ Global Search interface. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT __________________ EASYNEWS.COM NEW GLOBAL SEARCH INTERFACE VIDEO TUTORIAL FADE IN: EASYNEWS.COM BRANDED INSERT Narrator: Welcome to the Easynews Global Search tutorial series where we will show you how to search, preview and download files using our new and improved one of a kind web based Usenet search interface. In this video we will show you how to find files using the Easynews basic search. FADE TO: GETTING STARTED INSERT FADE IN: BROWSER SCREEN AT EASYNEWS.COM Narrator: To get started using Easynews simply surf on over to and login. Once logged in, you will see the Easynews Usenet search interface. FADE TO: BASIC SEARCH INSERT FADE IN: BROWSER SCREEN AT BASIC SEARCH Narrator: To start using Easynews basic search, let’s begin by typing our search keywords in the “find articles” search box. [PAUSE] Next we need to choose which type of file we are looking for. For our example, let’s select video. [PAUSE] Next, to begin our search, we click the search button. A few short moments later, Easynews returns a full list of files available for download matching our keywords. To more easily find the files we want to download, Easynews displays our search results in a simple list format complete with a thumbnail preview and download link for each file. To take a closer look at any particular file, we also
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Are there any usenet service providers that are better than Easynews?

Question by werqwed: Are there any usenet service providers that are better than Easynews?
The main reason I really like Easynews is because of their great search options and overall user interface. Is there any USP out there with an unlimited gig pricing option that has the same type of user friendly interface as well as search options? Thanks.

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Answer by xsil0
I dont know but I love easy news as well. Its a little complicated to get into global search, but other than that Ive been more than happy with it…. specially since you can see screen shots ­čśë

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Easynews Usenet

Easynews Usenet Global Search web interface – Search video, audio and image files complete with thumbnail previews and single click video and audio play back right from any web browser.
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