What day of the week does the Guardian (newspaper) advertise environmental jobs?

Question by charley: What day of the week does the Guardian (newspaper) advertise environmental jobs?
The Guardian (newspaper) has adverts for different job sectors on specific days but I can’t find out what these are. I am looking specifically for graduate and environmental jobs, so want to know which day of the week to buy the newspaper. A full list of which jobs are advertised on which day would also be helpful.
I want to know the day of the week so that I can buy the paper on that day, rather than having to check the website (which I am already signed up to).

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Answer by Charles K
Environment news, comment and discussion on key green, environmental http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment

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Apple Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones – NEVER BEFORE AIRED 1997

Steve Jobs narrates the first Think different commercial “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”. It never aired. Richard Dreyfuss did the voiceover for the original spot that aired. However Steve’s is much better 1997. Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Richard Branson, John Lennon (with Yoko Ono), Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Edison, Muhammad Ali, Ted Turner, Maria Callas, Mahatma Gandhi, Amelia Earhart, Alfred Hitchcock, Martha Graham, Jim Henson (with Kermit the Frog), Frank Lloyd Wright and Pablo Picasso. The young girl at the end is Shaan Sahota Steve Jobs’ tribute. Richard Dreyfuss makes reference to this video. Amazingly cool. watch.webbyawards.com The link above was something I posted 2 years before Steve would pass on. I had the video for more than 10 years and I wanted to share it to evoke a good rhythm, a vibe of what it truly meant to be apart of Apple. What it meant to be Apple through Steve’s eyes. The spirit above ALL ELSE rises to the top. It isn’t the cash and it isn’t the product. It is the passion that rules the day. I truly feel sorry for those who haven’t experienced an Apple product yet. They are really missing out on something that is beyond words or magic. It is simply wonderful, because the people who put this together, bled six colors. If there is ever a true moment of transference of a soul, you can find it within this product that Steve graced with his touch. Magnificent. Brilliant. Happiness.
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What TV channel or radio station sometimes advertise jobs?

Question by ME: What TV channel or radio station sometimes advertise jobs?
Few days ago I posted question if you ever heard companies advertise job openings in radio? Do you know if there is special TV channel in Canada that companies advertise jobs openings. I need this info for my research paper. Thanks.

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Answer by Tim O
Here in South Florida, Fox 29 WFLX has a runner on the morning news broadcast that advertises job listings. I don’t know if there are any special TV channels in Canada. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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Anti-Prop 19 Ad: Pot Will Hurt Workers, Cost Jobs

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