How come all the major channels are playing the Presidential News Conference except for FOX?

Question by Just ˡⁿ ʟʌ ʟʌ ʟ@ŋD: How come all the major channels are playing the Presidential News Conference except for FOX?
I just noticed this right now. I was skimming through the channels, and I noticed that FOX wasn’t showing the news conference even though ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and even My Network had it on. FOX was just playing their regular scheduled programing. Does anyone know why this is? I just found this real odd.
I live in New York, and right now on FOX is “Lie To Me”.
You’re right Chauncey Q. Buttercup. I didn’t check that out. However, they should still have it on their main channel.

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Answer by Sandra M
Because it’s news…….Faux with the sour grapes…..

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What should I major in…Musical theater, Advertising, or Journalism(News Editorial)?

Question by Lean: What should I major in…Musical theater, Advertising, or Journalism(News Editorial)?
I am heading for college and I have no idea as to what major and what minor i’m going to be taking! Can someone please help me make a right decision. tell me which one I should major, which one I should minor, and which one I should just throw away! time is ticking and i need to find a career that would suit me.

P.S I am a great singer ( find me on {Alina John}) But I am also a great writer…BUt! I love advertising and commercializing things so please tell me which one would make me happy and RICH!

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Answer by MM
Nobody else can tell you what would make you happy. But if making money is a major concern of yours, go for advertising and forget the others. Musical theatre is a very risky, very competitive field, and journalism is really struggling right now.

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