How do the themes of the Iliad relate to today’s world? I just need help with some ideas..?

Question by cutiepie944: How do the themes of the Iliad relate to today’s world? I just need help with some ideas..?
Focus on a character or theme and relate it to how we see the influence of The Iliad in today’s news, politics, film, television, advertising, sports, fashion, comic books, or other areas not listed. Use at least two examples. Identify the features that relate to The Iliad and discuss how effective your example/s is/are in raising some of the same issues found in Homer’s Iliad

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Answer by Terry
The wars of the middle east are near the same as the Iliad all involved are right and wrong by each others belief.

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Geekgirl, ‘girls need modems’ display in the Powerhouse Museum

Geekgirl, ‘girls need modems’ display in the Powerhouse Museum
Usenet Web
Image by mia!

I can’t find anything more about it in the PHM collections online and*/ doesn’t contain much, which is a shame cos I’d love to see and share more about this.

Weirdly, says "The widespread recognition of "geek girls" as a community occurred in summer 2010, when the annual San Diego Comic-Con International included a panel entitled "Geek Girls Exist"." – hmm, really? The Webgrrls etc date back to c1995 ( and the Internet Archive crawl of dates back to 1996, though sadly the content seems unreadable now.

I can’t find much with a cursory search for the old Webgrrls groups on Yahoo! groups, but @pkej suggested the usenet archive. Let me know if you have any leads or suggestions! It’d be great to get enough information together to properly document this history on Wikipedia – while women might not be fully represented in the tech world, they’ve always been present.

Do I need to do Cardio before Abs -Response- mikeman182

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Doning an advertising reveiw and need help answering these three questions?

Question by Japer787: Doning an advertising reveiw and need help answering these three questions?
1-This type of PR program deals with anticipating the possibility of a disaster and how to deal with bad news?

2-This type of posttest has respondents report what advertisements they remember seeing (without assistance) as opposed to a recognition test, which shows respondents ads, then asks if they remember them?

3-The point where advertising gets tired and there is no response, or less response than at the beginning of the campaign?

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Answer by wineboy
You do realize that if academics knew a single thing about advertising or marketing they’d get jobs in it and make about 10x what they make “teaching” their uninformed nonsense, don’t you?

I’ve worked in advertising since the 80s and I can barely understand the freaking questions.

The first question is just inane. No PR company (and especially no client) is going to spend money coming up with a plan for something that “might” happen. There are specific methods for getting in front of bad news, so spending the time and money and effort of people to get ahead of speculative “what if” scenarios when there is real work to be done every day is something only a self-impressed academic could possibly think happens.

Post-test? Post what? Oh, you mean after the ads have run? I suppose your beard twit means “unaided awareness.”

This one, I suppose your bearded twit may mean wear out.

By the way, don’t listen to anything this clown has to say. Seriously, he knows less than nothing….

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Starting gaming news / forum site, need help advertising?

Question by Chris: Starting gaming news / forum site, need help advertising?
Hey all, a group of friends and I are starting a gaming news / info site with forums to start up a gaming community revolved around RPG games like WoW, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and other games.
We are just starting up now, but are looking to expand and getting a legit site with a lot of members.

Can anyone help me with ideas for advertising the site. I am not trying to advertise it here, just explaining what it is all about. So if anyone can think of some ideas for advertising let me know, thanks.

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Answer by AllmightyBanjo
I don’t know about the larger sites but smaller gaming hubs usually have (or had?) something like a banner/link exchange program – means they post a link to your site and in return you link to them.

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what should a newbie’s need to know about internet?

Question by broadover: what should a newbie’s need to know about internet?
what should a newbie needs to know first?
is it the sevices of the internet? or the dynamics of the web?
is it to get information by surfing?
is it to know chat or e-mail?
is it to know ftp? usenet news? e-mail discussion? mud’s? etc….
please share your good idea……..thank you & Godbless!……….

Best answer:

Answer by no_life_louis
You’re obviously not new so you must have another reason for asking. But I’d say internet security is priority. Teach them about Nortons or whatever they have. Especially the anti-virus program. Download ccleaner for them. Download Adaware for them. Show them how they work. Teach them to never click on links from people or sites they don’t know. My dad was a “newbie” two years ago and had his paypal account hacked. Tell them to neverrrr give out any info. That’s a good start.

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I need a way to auto download from a list of MP3s, either through torrent, usenet, rapidshare, doesnt matter.?

Question by Sean A: I need a way to auto download from a list of MP3s, either through torrent, usenet, rapidshare, doesnt matter.?
I have a list, can be plain TXT, Excel, CSV, doesnt matter how it needs to be formatted. I would like to take this list to load a queue through any type of download service. Any ideas?
Basically something that will search, and automatically add to a download queue, using a program like Utorrent or something similar. My list is too large to manually replace my collection. Any ideas? Maybe some sort of script that can handle this?

Best answer:

Answer by drfeelgood313
Using Wget it seems possible. See the following link, its the 3rd option down.

Clip from the article “First, create a text file called mp3_sites.txt, and list URLs of your favorite sources of music online one per line (like or Be sure to check out my previous feature on how to find free music on the web for more ideas.

Then use the following Wget command to go out and fetch those MP3’s:
wget -r -l1 -H -t1 -nd -N -np -A.mp3 -erobots=off -i mp3_sites.txt

That Wget recipe recursively downloads only MP3 files linked from the sites listed in mp3_sites.txt that are newer than any you’ve already downloaded.”

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Computer keeps freezing – please read – need help!!?

Question by Sawyer: Computer keeps freezing – please read – need help!!?
I have a 2 year old computer (HP Pavilion Dv7-1240us), with no more warranty on it. Lately I have been having all sorts of ridiculous issues with it freezing and with video files becoming corrupt.

I’ll save the video issues for another time, though, because my main problem at this time is the freezing.

PLEASE READ before posting answers:

In the past 24 hours or so I have:

Done 4 virus-scans
Cleaned my registry twice using Advanced System Operator
Defragmented my computer 4 times (2x with ASO and 2x with system tools)

I have Norton 360 computer and Internet safety on my computer and have not had any issues with viruses. Anything norton has missed, ASO has taken care of.

I will be on the internet (i use Mozilla Firefox) and all of a sudden my cursor will turn into a spinning circle for up to 5 minutes (if i click on anything, it says (not responding)), and eventually will freeze entirly (no cursor movement, no anything) which results in me needing a restart.

I have similar issues with watching video files on my computer. I use VLC media player and lately, the videos have trouble even starting, and when they get going the video will freeze at some random point and not work at all. This requires a complete kill of VLC from Task Manager.

The most annoying thing is definitely the freezing and having to restart…please help!!. The only thing I can think of is that i have a loose hard drive or something, which i don’t even know how to fix in a laptop.


If anyone is interested in helping with the video file issue: I use usenet to download all of my favorite tv shows etc since I live overseas and don’t have any means of getting them otherwise. I have a giganews subscription and for the first 6 months used the GrabIt downloading software.

I have a 42″ HDTV with a PS3 hooked up to it and i transfer all of my tv shows onto a WD 1TB external hard drive and play them on the TV through my PS3.

About three weeks ago, everything i was downloading started to screw up. About 10 minutes into a show (using my PS3), the video would lose sound and then 10 seconds later the screen would go black. Then it would go back to the video tree and say Corrupted Data.

I would then plug my laptop into the HDMI cable and play it from VLC, the video files would work for about 10 minutes then get choppy, freezing for a few seconds and then playing again.
This part leads me to believe that my PS3 and external hard drive are not the issue, but i’m still not positive.

I tried switching my download client from Grabit to SABnzbd which seems to have help, but only a fraction (there are less pauses and freezes then with grabit, but the files are still corrupt).

I have heard of ISPs throttling bandwidth (not an issue, i have 980 KB/s on average) but i have never heard of an ISP sending internet freeze surges that might corrupt data. A crazy idea, i know, but i’m at a loss for what to do.

This whole thing is driving me nuts. I suppose giganews could be the issue but they just offer access as far as i know, so i really dont think switching providers would make a difference.


Anyway, somebody, anybody, please help me out. PLEASE!

Best answer:

Answer by David Perry-sr.
If your issues are video related it could be not having enough memory or the Video drivers need to be re-installed or updated. If you are using a wireless router, move it around until you get the best signal and make sure no other electronic device is closer than 3 feet from it. How many different things do you have booting up at the same time the computer does or running in the background that you don’t need running.

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ABC News 20/20 Get Smart: What Consumers Need to Know

ABC News 20/20 Get Smart: What Consumers Need to Know

Consumers beware: From credit card scams to police pullovers, from restaurant kitchens to misleading advertising, “20/20” reports on things all consumers should know. Reports include: What cops don’t want you to know. What credit card/ATM thieves don’t want you to know. What advertisers don’t want you to know. What restaurants don’t want you to know. What some cosmetic dentists don’t want you to know.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 19.95

The Usenet Navigator Kit: Everything You Need to Travel Usenet Quickly and Efficiently/Book and Disk

The Usenet Navigator Kit: Everything You Need to Travel Usenet Quickly and Efficiently/Book and Disk

The Usenet is a phenomenal computer news service. But–until now–using the Usenet has not been as easy as opening the morning newspaper or turning on the TV. Now, this guide provides detailed lessons on using the various news readers and software. For the first time all the major news reader software is examined and compiled into one comprehensive guide.

List Price: $ 29.95