Critical Mass- Fatal (Epic Action Intense Rock Powerful Electric Guitar Style)

Please Read Description Thank You ­čśÇ Track Or Album Available On iTunes/Amazon.. Subscribe if you like for more Epic / Dramatic / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Rock / Hybrid / Orchestral / Electronic / Dubstep / Dark / Atmosphere Trailer Music.,.. ENJOY Music For motion Picture Advertising And Video Game Advertising Trailers Productions-Trailers,TV Spots,Commercials,Promos,Featurettes,Media Entertainment,News,Previews and TV Programs. Track :Fatal Artist :Critical Mass Composer’s :Josh Mobley (ASCAP) Record Label :Selectracks Album :Critical Mass Volume 1: Armageddon Premium Trailer Music Year :2011 Genre : Hybrid, heavy, confident, driving, determined, aggressive, intense, powerful, crunchy distorted electric guitar, epic Vengeance Selectracks Website’s : Selectracks Facebook’s : Link To Wallpaper’s : DISCLAIMER Music belong to respectful Owners- Selectracks (Critical Mass) and composers by (Josh Mobley (ASCAP)),I do not own either the Images ,and no copyright infringement is intended.”THIS IS MERELY POSTED FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF THE VIEWERS”..All Credits Goes to the artist….ENJOY
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The Internet….The Most Powerful Invention Ever

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