What is the difference between these majors?

Question by xo_smiley_face_x3: What is the difference between these majors?
I’m really interested in advertising and the layout of newspapers and magazines for a career, particularly advertising. So I’ve done research on Communication Media, Communication Studies, and Graphic Design with a concentration in Advertising.
Now what is the difference, and could you possibly recommend one for me?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Shea
If you are interested in news paper design, a college degree may not be necessary. My sister is the manager of Ad Production of our local newspaper (the only one in a town of about 90,000) and she is in charge of hiring new people. One thing to consider is that the newspaper industry is in a lot of trouble right now. Many large news papers are tanking and even established news papers are laying people off or shutting down completely. So it is going to be hard to find a job in the paper industry. She is a self taught graphic artist and was able to work her way up. None of the people on her staff have college degrees. She constantly gets resumes from people with degrees in communication and graphic design but they are simple over qualified for newspaper production because the paper does not have the budget to hire such highly qualified people. The average salary is low for newspaper ad producers, so that is something to consider if you really want to go into it. One good way to get into the system is to just apply for an entry level job with the design department, if you have talent then you could be producing ads in no time!
Depending on the school, there may be many differences between the degrees you mentioned above. Graphic Design with concentration in Adv may be what you are looking for if you want to go into the paper business. Communication studies may focus more on the many different ways of communication including advertisement but may not be limited to that. The same goes for Com Media. At the school i go to, the university of north texas, there is a Communication Design program in which the students learn to do corporate design (ie. magazine ads, corporate logos etc) and package design (ie cereal boxes, new product design ect). Grads of the program go off to work for big advertisement firms and perhaps large newspapers.
To get a feel for the market and what newspapers in your community look for in qualified applicants, email the Ad production manager of your local paper and ask him or her what degree, if any, they would recommend to become a part of their team.

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what’s the fuss about the IRC and USENET these days? does anyone still use this kind of technology?

Question by : what’s the fuss about the IRC and USENET these days? does anyone still use this kind of technology?
aint those 80s stuff? or at least early 90s? ever since the world wide web becomes standard, i doubt anybody is still retrieving information from the usenet, but I’d be surprised when I accidently logged in to my almost 20 yr old usenet acct. and guess what? A LOTTA ACTIVITIES are still going on there. jee. when the chat room just died, usenet is still thriving…

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Answer by Andi
a lot of illegal material and pron (esp v illegal) gets exchanged there…

A lot of the world is not on high speed broadband.. so it is still a useful network.

and for those who are not windows/http based…
It provides the original ease of access and interchange of information.

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Doning an advertising reveiw and need help answering these three questions?

Question by Japer787: Doning an advertising reveiw and need help answering these three questions?
1-This type of PR program deals with anticipating the possibility of a disaster and how to deal with bad news?

2-This type of posttest has respondents report what advertisements they remember seeing (without assistance) as opposed to a recognition test, which shows respondents ads, then asks if they remember them?

3-The point where advertising gets tired and there is no response, or less response than at the beginning of the campaign?

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Answer by wineboy
You do realize that if academics knew a single thing about advertising or marketing they’d get jobs in it and make about 10x what they make “teaching” their uninformed nonsense, don’t you?

I’ve worked in advertising since the 80s and I can barely understand the freaking questions.

The first question is just inane. No PR company (and especially no client) is going to spend money coming up with a plan for something that “might” happen. There are specific methods for getting in front of bad news, so spending the time and money and effort of people to get ahead of speculative “what if” scenarios when there is real work to be done every day is something only a self-impressed academic could possibly think happens.

Post-test? Post what? Oh, you mean after the ads have run? I suppose your beard twit means “unaided awareness.”

This one, I suppose your bearded twit may mean wear out.

By the way, don’t listen to anything this clown has to say. Seriously, he knows less than nothing….

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Do you ever notice how much advertising is in these internet web pages that show news articles?

Question by B: Do you ever notice how much advertising is in these internet web pages that show news articles?
To show my point just take any one of those web pages, then copy and paste it into yahoo mail before you decide to send it to someone but before you hit “send” manually delete all the unneccecary bannars, photos, links, ect. You will then be able to instanty see what it is about all that over marketing hype I am talking about and maybe get why too many ads can annoy me at times.

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Answer by HelenES
Try bbc.co.uk – relatively unbiased and no advertising.

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