Kostenlos aus dem Usenet herunterladen! HIGH-SPEED Download! Tutorial – 10 Minuten [HD]

Hier die Links aus dem Video: www.xsusenet.com phyxion.net sabnzbd.org Gutscheincode: pcwelt_xsu (Falls der Gutscheincode nicht mehr funktioniert, meldet euch als FREE-User an und erstellt euch immerwieder einen neuen Account.) Viel Spaß damit!
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how to download through newsgroups for free tutorial

How to download through newsgroups for free tutorial I show you how to download through newsgrouyps for free. Just follow what I do and tomorrow I will probably add some more details to it. Links www.google.nl sabnzbd.org different newsgroup downloaders: grabit www.shemes.c…
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Usenet Tutorial

How to setup Usenet. Basically, you need to download a client, followed by a server and finally a search engine. You can use different sources for each one on those. I also forgot to mention: When the files finishes downloading they’ll usually be located at documents/downloads/complete. Also, your ISP may offer Usenet servers for free.
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Grabit UseNet Tutorial – How to download NZB files with Grabit Newsgroups for Free!

If you have problems, please message me, don’t comment. Watch in HD (720p) I get an average download speed of 1.5MB’s per second! Your speed will depend on your internet connection. News-Server… newsfarm.ams2.shemes.com Links… Download Grabit here: www.shemes.com Download NZB’s here www.nzbmatrix.com Get rewarded for searching the web! See my new video… http Enjoy! ************************************************************************************ POSSIBLE ERRORS: ************************************************************************************ ****COMMUNICATION ERROR*** That’s probably because you need to get your own ISP’s usenet server. (for example if you’re on virgin media, you would use news.virginmedia.net instead of newsfarm.ams2.shemes.com) so you need to call your internet provider and ask what their usenet server is. You may even require a username and password which they will provide. ***ARTICLE NOT FOUND*** This is because you can only download NZB’s that have recently been uploaded, if you want to download older ones you have to pay for a different new server. Just search NZB’s via date so that the most recent results show up, you should be able to download most of them, For older files I use torrents but torrents are slower unfortunately. GOOD LUCK RATE UP! Music Copyright Info “”Stop” (blue mix)” by Ghost_k (feat. hymn) ccmixter.org is licensed under a Creative Commons license: creativecommons.org
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Movies, Music, Games downloading for free from Usenet! 100% anonymous DSL Fullspeed Tutorial

Registration Link: www.fullspeedsaugen.de.vu To see the latest movies, PC or console games, music, etc. You just have to get this link www.fullspeedsaugen.de.vu 100% Free 100% anonymous! No IP Log! Emule, Torrent can be viewed at the co-IP from your state … usenet do not saves the ip! From the first second DSL Full Speed! 15GB free for 14 days in the Power Mode after downloading and 300GB in flat mode Free! Termination instructions to be sure that no costs! Sign here www.fullspeedsaugen.de.vu