StreamReactor 1.0 Beta 3 – New Usenet Video Streaming Client

StreamReactor is a Usenet Streaming Client especially designed for media files. It downloads and extracts media content on-the-fly. So, the media file(s) can be watched almost immediately after the download has been started. The embedded player handles nearly every audio and video format available. The integrated download client supports SSL Encryption, multiple servers and is supposed to work with every Usenet provider. It can also be used to download non-media content. Download: Feel free to test StreamReactor and help me to improve the software.

Usenet Views Video

Description of the Usenet Views application to visualize social media spaces like Usenet newsgroups and related spaces like web boards, discussion groups and other repositories of threaded conversations.
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Why do I always get an .exe when I try to download video from usenet ?

Question by Hermann Jonsson: Why do I always get an .exe when I try to download video from usenet ?
I have tried to download videos from usenet and alwas get a exe file hidden in a rar file, is this a virus and if so is usenet useless because of viruses?

Best answer:

Answer by Mike Mcgee
A virus is a computer program that infects your computer and cause it to act sick. Most .exe are not viruses but trojans. Trojans are programs that create “back doors” so that bad people can use your computer for everything from stealing your identity and personal info like banks to using it as a zombie computer in attacking other computer systems. Downloading anything from anywhere, especially places like usenet, is useless until you learn how to judge what files are bad and what files are good. However even at that point it is like playing Russian roulette.

Now you should go and reformat your computer and never do that again.

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Slyck’s Video Guide To The Newsgroups – News Servers

This video explains the main features and characteristics of premium usenet news servers. Learn how to use the Newsgroups using’s Guide to the Newsgroups. The complete web guide can be found here: were a lot more information can be found.
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Power Usenet – A quick video review!

This is a review for the NewsGroup Server “PowerUsenet”. I have never tried them before, and one day I was looking around for a new server with SSL Encryption (It’s safer, my ISP can’t look at what I am downloading this way). After much debate and research, I found 2 matched : Giganews PowerUsenet Now, I have heard that PowrUsenet is actually a Giganews reseller, but I think this may be untrue. See, the exact same 12 connection, unlimited download and SSL Encryption is 29.99 on Giganews, but Only 19.99! Not only is it cheaper, they give you 5 days to use the Server (SSL Included) absolutely free! AND for the first 2 months, you are only charged for 12.99. All charges after that, 19.99. Sweet deal considering I’m paying .99 for an unlimited server, with no SSL and only 8 connections. Again, this may be the BEST deal for a USENET server on the internet. It is by far the best I have found yet. PowerUsenet.Com Also, I am in no way associated with them, I just really really dig their server.