Usenet , Nzb, downloading help?

Question by P: Usenet , Nzb, downloading help?
help!!!!!! ive been downloading files with grabit from usenet. I search for nzb files and download them. when the downloads is finished i got to the folder where the files are. Somefiles are split so i join them together. Once that is completed, i open the joined file with winrar and i see in the archive, it says file binary. I try to extract them but then it gives me and error message saying volume missing (r00).Can any1 help from here? what should i use. the files are yenc. Also, what is the correct way of handling these files

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Answer by fatherdaly
You should download the par files that come with the rar files. The par files can then be used to repair broken archives. Also if you’ve downloaded the files with grabit then it should have decoded them, meaning that yenc isn’t the problem.

to download software that will handle par files go to:

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